Get actionable business insights
from customer conversations.

A sentiment-based Predictive Analytics solution for your business growth. Our sentiment is based on understanding publicly available expression & opinions. We generate signals from noise to position your brand & products among competitors.

Why SocioMentis?

Best-in-class customization and consultation offerings.

Predictive & Prescriptive

Focus on actionable insights, our solution provides predictive and prescriptive analytics for deeper understanding of customer conversations.

Competitor Analysis

Understand and analyse your competitors' strategies by benchmarking your product with others.

Topic & Aspect Modelling

Track customer trends on products with deep-dive analysis, advanced aspect extraction and aspect modelling algorithms.

Industry Agnostic

Streamline social media search to ensure contextual data extraction from online sources that are agnostic to your brand.

About SocioMentis

Impacting Information "@ your Fingertips"

SocioMentis is a predictive analytics platform for social listening, empowering businesses to optimize their customer interactions on multiple channels like social media, forums, and review sites. With advanced technology, businesses can gather and analyze customer feedback, recognize areas of improvement and customer pain points, and monitor the effectiveness of their customer experience initiatives.

Slicing & Dicing For Demography
Aspect Modeling
Trend Mapping
Brand Perception Analysis
Goal Forecasting

Use Cases

Entertainment &Media


  • 2 Use case
  • 5 Channels
  • 2 Competitors

  • 4 Use case
  • 5 Channels
  • 2 Competitors
  • Additional Retention Time
  • 4 Use case
  • 5+ Channels
  • 2+ Competitors
  • Additional Retention Time
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